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07 April 2011

How to create labels for different languages

In this blog post I will show how to create different labels for different languages for an optionset attribute.
First of all we need to export translations from CRM: navigate to settings -> customize the system and then click export translations.

This will download two xml files.

Open the larger with Excel and edit the translated labels for the desired attributes as shown below, this is only a small part of the content.

So, the first column(A) shows the the name of the optionset that you want to translate, the second column contains the unique ID, the third column says which part of the optionset is going to be translated (e.g. DisplayName, Description) the other columns are the columns reserved for the languages. As you can see from column D to column F and forth, if you had more languages Installed on your CRM, you can find all the languages listed. Just create your own translations for the language you need, you will find then these translations available in code as I shown in a previous post.
Hope I haven't been confusing you, likely the image is pretty self  explanatory :).
Cheers guys.

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